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Want to be the best Buddy you can be? Want to be prepared to lend assistance to a fellow diver and know what to do in an emergency? Then get involved in Sierra Diving Center's Rescue Course.

     This course is packed with experiences and information that will challenge, expand and further develop your diving skills. It focuses on diving rescue, accident management and prevention. And along the way, you will increase your confidence in your own diving and be better able to assist others.

     The concentrated format allows for more continuity and a higher retention rate of information. A close camaraderie develops within the group and widens your own dive buddy list!

     This course is not specifically designed for would-be-divemaster or instructors (although this course is a prerequisite for them) but rather a course that has benefits for anyone that wants to dive. Upon completion there is a sense of pride and accomplishment that's hard to duplicate.

Click for Sample Schedule (PDF File) -----  Adobe Acrobat Reader Required  


  • Introduction and course overview, Self-Rescue and Diver Stress
  • Diving First Aid, including the Emergency First Response CPR, AED and First Aid course
  • Emergency management (readiness and accident management)
  • Equipment considerations (common problems and releases)
  • Review


  • Allows you to practice in-water resuscitation, reaching assists, victim approaches and tows


  • Swimming and non-swimming assists, panicked- diver response and underwater problems (exertion and alternate-air-source ascents)
  • Missing-diver procedures and surfacing the unconscious diver
  • In-water artificial respiration and equipment removal during artificial respiration
  • In-water artificial respiration, egress and first-aid procedures for pressure-related accidents
  • Diving-accident scenarios

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