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If you

. . . are serious about diving?

. . . enjoy working with people?

. . . are anxious to learn new skills?

. . . are planning on becoming an instructor?

Our Divemaster Course is for you!!!

     As a Divemaster, you become a master of diving. From now on, you will not only participate in diving, you will represent diving.

     There is a real sense of achievement when you receive your Divemaster Certification Packet from PADI Headquarters congratulating you on your accomplishment. There is also pride in knowing that you have earned it !!!


The course is divided into four sections:

  • Classroom

  • Pool

  • Openwater

  • Internship

     The Classroom and Pool sessions are conducted over several weeks. By doing this, our students achieve a higher retention rate and more continuity in their learning. The open water sessions are conducted at your convenience, in conjunction with other dives or classes. This allows for the maximum in practical experience

During our Divemaster course, you will learn how to:

  • Assist with diver training

  • Demonstrate the mastery of your diving skills

  • Organize and conduct dives for certified divers

  • Lead diving groups

  • Manage people

  • Shift focus from you to those around you

In addition to this valuable training, you will also receive:

  • A greater comradeship with other divers

  • A larger buddy list

  • Membership in PADI

  • The necessary skills and knowledge to attend an Instructor course.

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