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Now that you know how -- have a look at what you can do with your new skills.

The Adventures in Diving Course is designed for the Certified Open Water Divers who are ready to expand their diving skills and get more involved in the world of diving. It is also an excellent course for those newly certified divers wanting to polish newly learned skills as well as those just itching to go diving.

The Adventure Includes:

Three dives to increase your skills and abilities as well as an opportunity to meet some new dive buddies. Well do the dives in a variety of locations and conditions . That way youll have a choice of new adventures and places to explore. Youll also learn new skills to reduce your diving limitations and try new equipment to expand your diving options.

Adventure Dives:
  • Navigation 
  • Enriched Air
  • U/W Videography
  • Altitude 
  • Drift 
  • Multilevel
  • U/W Naturalist 
  • Deep 
  • Night 
  • Boat
  • Dry Suit 
  • U/W Photo 
  • Fish Identification
  • Buoyancy 
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Wreck

The majority of the course is done at the dive site. There are no lectures or tests, just practical experience that will help you polish skills you already have and let you peek at some of the exciting activities available to you as a diver. All the experiences you are exposed to can be expanded and enhanced by enrolling in any of our Specialty Courses, and your Adventure Course dives count as your first Specialty Course dive.


is typically completed in one to two days, with three dives being conducted in Lake Tahoe and/or the surrounding mountain lakes.

Choose three of the elective dives listed and earn your Adventure Diver Certification. These dives can be applied to your Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.


For those who want a little more.


Is conducted in as little as two to three days and is flexible to meet your busy schedule. Dives are conducted locally and/or in the ocean around Monterey. The course includes: 5 different dives, to expand your experience in a wide variety of diving opportunities.

DIVES: Choose a total of 3 dives from the 16 Elective dives listed and include Deep Dive and Navigation for a total of 5 dives.


Diving various locations under a number of different conditions will not only enhance your experience as a skilled diver, but will also qualify you for your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. Your certification card and picture are included in your course fees.


The PADI Adventures in Diving Manual, which is included in your course fees, is a vital source of information for those interested in expanding their knowledge and enhancing their practical experiences. Your included log book is required throughout the course. All dives will be signed by your instructor as well as your dive buddy. No dive buddy? Don't worry! You will meet many new friends as you share in these exciting adventures and experiences.


You may use your own personal equipment, or if you are still debating over which equipment you want, Sierra Diving Center has special student rental rates available for you at a reduced cost.


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